Monthly Archives: October 2011

10/29/2011 The Warlocks, The Black Apples, Black Flamingo, Strangers Family Band, Gardens

[ Saturday October 29; ] Twin Peaks Halloween Party

That’s right dress up as you favorite Twin Peaks character and sway the night away to these amazing bands! Its totally ok to have 16 Log Ladies, 22 Agent Coopers and as many Laura Palmers (dead/alive) as possible. Our just come as your favorite ghoul or whatever. There will be vegan snacks […]

10/16/2011 The Eric André Show

[ Sunday October 16; ] Special live recording of “The Eric André Show” for the Adult Swim Network:

Absurdist comedian Eric André unsuccessfully attempts to host a criminally-insane mock talk show. Imagine Charlie Rose on salvia, then mix in elements from hyperactive Japanese game shows and 70’s era New York public access, and you will begin to visualize Eric’s playpen […]