687 Comments on “09/27/2014 Littlest Sister, Young Lovers, Ghost Noise, Cave Babies”

  1. Keigo

    Stefanie – Todd, these are so fantastic! We were so exticed to work with you because we loved your work so very much! You exceeded my expectations and so much more. I feel so lucky to have such beautiful memories of such an important and happy day in our lives, and I have you to thank for it. You’re a genius!

  2. Anton

    I have not really csohen what kind of specialists I would like to work under, but I do believe that it would be fun to work in a Psychiatrist’s office. I originally was going for my B.A. in Psychology, but switched. There are so many to choose from that sound absolutely interesting. Such as working under an Internist or going simple and working under a Family practitioner. Even Gerontologist sounds like fun. I love the “aging population” and they have stories and much to teach.For the moment I am going to take this degree one step at a time and try to find the place that fits me best.

  3. Manoj

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