Abe Vigoda are bright and shining calypso punk. Shedding their no wave dissonance for tropical melody, has put them in opportune position to blast transcendent pop repetition. These kids are fucked, in the way that they can make a good record and play really good shows above all odds, like living in Chino, CA, a suburb of Los Angeles, where nothing grows. Any given month finds them playing several all-ages shows in all corners of So Cal. They’ve been a staple of the all-ages, volunteer run venue, The Smell for a couple of years. Playing with friends and local favorites Mika Miko, The Mae Shi, Barr, No Age, and opening for bands like, Get Hustle, XBXRX, Shoplifting, Curtains, Chromatics and Old Time Relijun.

Their 2006 CD ‘Kid City’ on olFactory Records is all dirty neon and angular pop. The biggest Cruise party to the Bahamas with post punk violence. Tracks like “All Night and Day” will make you wonder why they are not jamming in the middle of some ADD jungle. Sounding like a younger more abrasive d.i.y. reincarnation of the Talking Heads, with the fiery repetition of Konono No. 1, Kid City is hectic. Like all the scuzz and fake tropicalisms of Los Angeles shoved together – irrigated desert!

Michael Vidal: Guitar/Vocals
Juan Velazquez: Guitar/Vocals
David Reichardt: Bass
Reggie Guerrero: Drums