‘Think double back handspring with a round off back flip or something, topped off with a bit of cowbell and casio keys. Ima Gymnist (formerly Ima Fucking Gymnist) are the latest posse of underage punk prodigies hailing from the Smell/olFactory dynasty. With a sound akin to their SF Valley peers Mika Miko, it’s no wonder they have followed in their tradition of riling up a room full of eager sweaty bodies to break out in a pogo thrash party jam. Maritza’s cheeky vocals have an almost muppet-like effect (which works especially well with lyrics like ‘dude, you’re so freakin’ juicy’) as she shouts, chants and yelps to the beat. The fast and heavy bass and drum combo reveals their crusty punk underpinnings, yet they lay it down with just enough playful sass and humor to balance the raucous energy.’
-Binx, LA Record

Their 2007 7″ debut ‘…So Freakin’ Juicy!’ on olFactory Records is full of post-high school angst while at the same time making fun of said angst. ‘It’s dirty, dancey, raw and everything you would expect from 3 teens in gym clothes playing punk rock.’

Maritza Zelada: Vocals/Keys
Luis Castillo: Drums/Vocals
Jordan Espino: Bass/Vocals