Like their name may suggest, Magic Johnson know how to play the game–tag team drum/guitar duo Ana and Mando bring punchy beats and melodic riffs to the court. Singing and shouting in both English and Spanish, their charming bilingual humor will keep you on your toes(check out ‘Cocina Cochina’). Ana takes on the Portland style with her riot girl vocals, yet maintains LA flavor keeping a steady rhythm on drums. Mando accompanies on guitar and vocals, and has been known to sing directly onto his guitar strings. With sass and energy, the pair has even covered Selena and Dolly Parton, channeling their emotion and sincerity yet infusing their songs with their own witticisms and atonal rock outs.

Their new 7″ ‘Telenovelas’ (olFactory/ LA Is Wax Paper) dishes out the stripped down, distorted, party punk you have come to love in bandslike New Bloods, Mika Miko and label mates Ima Gymnist and a hint of melodrama in true telenovela fashion. One listen and you too will believe in the Magic.
To Be Released May 9th

Co-Release with LA Is Wax Paper.

Ana: Vocals/Drums
Mando: Vocals/Guitar