The Uphill Gardeners

The Uphill Gardeners self-titled release is a relic from the mid-90s instrumental scene that launched the musical trajectories of its members Jarrett Silberman, Nigel Lundemo and Bobb Bruno.

Forming in Studio City, California in 1995, the three infused electronic and synthesized sounds into their drum/bass/guitar set up, experimenting with noise and song constructions.  During this time they released one 7″ and constructions.  During this time they released one 7″ and one full length CD on the now defunct WIN records; this “new” release is a collection of tracks recorded during the sessions for the WIN Record’s CD and a previously unheard session recorded shortly before their break up in 1997.  The band reconvened in 2008 to mix the songs that are included on this release for olFactory Records/ Kill Shaman.  All members of the band continue to make music as solo artists and have also played in many other groups including Young People, The For Carnation, Godzik Pink, Pocahaunted, Get Hustle, Polar Goldie Cats, Donut, and Skull Sküll.

While The Uphill Gardeners get bugged out and experiment with rock n roll and punk structure, their songs tell stories. In “I’ve Got To Stop Getting Pregnant,” jagged guitar and ominous sparse drums give us the reasons why. The album reaches a range of sounds from calculated instrumentation to droning machinery to improvised noise. Though recorded in ’96 and ’97 this collection of songs could very well be from a newly formed band inspired by Jarrett, Nigel and Bobb.

Stream two songs from their upcoming olFactory Records release:

Boner Music

Goldenrod Sunrise

Jarrett Silberman: Guitar, synthesizer, electronics
Bobb Bruno: Bass, guitar, electronics
Nigel Lundemo – Drums, synthesizer