‘Blank Generation revisited! The Sharp Ease’s Paloma Parfrey sings like a riotgrrl Richard Hell, strangling and yowling while her band plays ’80spunk and barks (tongue-in-cheek, maybe?) ‘oi’ backups. But where Richard was all Please Kill Me, who-says-it’s-good-to-be-alive on stage, Paloma and her girls have fun. They sing odes to life preservers, crush songs about a local coffeehouse worker, and shriek like fruit bats with no warning whatsoever. But it’s never dumb, never too punk for its own good. It may not be all that tight, but they’re always playing well, getting adventurous with the breakdowns, and riding the bridges like The Bangs. AND they bend strings in their solos, like, long drawn out AC/DC string benders–which most everybody’s too cool for nowadays. Sharp Ease! Yes!’
-Adam Gnade, The Seattle Stranger


‘A great blast of unabashed urgency and sass, The Sharp Ease combine the best of underground art punk with effortlessly catchy hooks and undeniable presence.While ‘post-riot grrrl’ has become just as lazy a journalistic term now as riot grrrl itself became ten years ago, one can definitely hear the evolution of the sound, attitude and intelligence of bands like Sleater-Kinney and The Bangs in The Sharp Ease’s energetic, jagged but always tuneful music interplay and the by turns exclamatory and cool-as-a-cucumber vocals of singer Paloma Parfrey. Remain Instant is made up of an inspiring, utterly engaging batch of songs from start to finish.’
– Billy Corazon, Three Imaginary Girls

Four LA ladies (and later 3 ladies and 1 gent) who remixed the post riotgrrrl/ post punky into their own pudding. They wrote songs about living in Los Angeles, being young and in love with boys & girls, going to punk shows and living as art. The (now defunct) Sharp Ease put on high energy rock show’s that included packing-tape costumes and gettin’ down with the audience. They formed in 2001 and played until March 23rd 2007(their last show at The Smell). The original line up included: Dana Barenfeld/ bass/vocals, Paloma Parfrey/ lyrics/vocals, Sarah Musser/guitar/vocals, Christene Kings/ drums/vocals, and later saxophone player (former Grown Ups band mate to Paloma) Anika Stephen came on board to record on the first cd ‘Going Modern’, the 2nd album ‘Remain Instant’, and last EP ‘Falling Together’. In 2005 Sarah Musser left the band and producer Rod Cervera stepped in briefly for guitar duties and helped co-write the songs that became the album ‘Remain Instant’.

Shortly after ‘Remain Instant’ came out, friend Aaron Friscia was invited to play guitar and join the band. They toured twice with Aaron and wrote and recorded an EP, ‘Falling Together’, that the band self released for their last tour up the pacific northwest in February of 2007 that culminated into their last live show together on March 23rd.

The Sharp Ease had the good fortune to have many friends and family support their music. They toured quite a bit up to Seattle and toured to Chicago and back. One of their top supporters and good friend was Jim Smith (The Smell/ olFactory). He put out ‘Going Modern’ and the 12″ vinyl 180 gram record ‘Remain Instant’ that comes complete w/ liner notes and a 9 song DVD of independently produced music videos.

Paloma Parfrey: Lyrics/ Vocals
Dana Barenfeld: Bass/ Vocals
Christene Kings: Drums/ Vocals
Aaron Friscia: Guitar
Anika Stephen: Saxophone/Tambourine/Vocals

Sarah Musser: Guitar/ Vocals – T-Spin 7″, Going Modern CD
Isaac Parfrey: Piano/ Keys – T-Spin 7″, Going Modern CD, Remain Instant LP
Rod Cervera: Recording & Production – T-Spin 7″, Going Modern CD, Remain Instant LP
Rod Cervera: Guitars – Remain Instant LP

2002 – T-Spin 7″, Softspot Records
2004 – LA Bands 2004/ 4-way 7″ split w/ The Sharp Ease/ Rose For Bohdan/ Child Pornography/ Rainbow Blanket
Deathbomb Arc Records
2004 – Going Modern CD, olFactory Records
2004 – Manipulation 7″/ split w/ Hot N Heavy, Spitshine Records
2004 – Advantage/ Life Preservers 7″, Softmachine Records
2007 – Why Is Anything Forbidden II CD/ Various Artists, Deathbomb Arc Records
2007 – JK Tape 1 Epicomp Casettes/ Various Artists, JK Tapes
2007 – Falling Together EP CD, self released