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08/31/2013 Nick Cave Tribute Show

[ Saturday August 31; ; ] Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds 30 Year Anniversary Tribute Show…Featuring…Rachel Birke (member of Heller Keller)
Dalmacio von Diamond (member of Persona)
Gabe Hart (member of Jail Weddings)
Voice on Tape
Paloma Parfrey (member of The Sharp Ease)
Douglas James Sweeney (member of Arjuna Genome)
Douglas Halbert
Plus the house band featuring members of Persona and RAM and Adrian “tall smooth cool […]

06/07/2011 All-Star Crass Tribute Band, Crazy Band, Brothers

[ Tuesday June 7; ] Crass “Penis Envy” 30 Year Anniversary Celebration…

On June 7, 1981, English Anarcho-Punk band Crass released their influential album, “Penis Envy”. To mark this anniversary, The Smell will be hosting a special night to pay tribute to this masterpiece, including an “All-Star Crass Tribute Band” (who will play every song from the album)…and many more […]