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01/08/2022 The Smell’s 24th Anniversary Celebration: Night II

[ Saturday January 8; ; ] The Smell’s 24th Anniversary Celebration: Night II

David Bowie 75th Birthday Tribute Night!

Featuring performances of Bowie classics by Jessie Clavin (Bleached, Mika Miko), Poppy Jean Crawford, Drew Trapgirl, Jesse Korson, Miss Jupiter, William Deza (Rowdy P), Riley Queer (Rinse & Repeat), Lou Anda (Voice On Tape), Marcos Vaca, Art Guzman (Very Be Careful) and […]

02/14/2018 Leonard Cohen Tribute Night

[ Wednesday February 14; ; ] Leonard Cohen Valentine’s Day Tribute Night!

Featuring performances from…

Bum Orchestra
Harley Cortez
Dalmacio Posadas
Moisture Boys
Salty Hearts
Jesse Saunders
Sleep Club
Typical Organ
Nico Turner
Voice On Tape
Charlyne Yi

02/25/2017 Elliott Smith Tribute Show

[ Saturday February 25; ; ] Elliott Smith Tribute Show!

Commemorating the 20th anniversary of the release of “Either/Or”

All proceeds will go to the Sweet Adeline Elliott Smith Memorial Fund

Featuring a night of Elliott Smith covers from…

Derec Juan (member of Fringe)
Jacob Rubeck (member of Surf Curse)
Jesse Korson (member of Celebrity Crush)
Kim Free
Kreider Dane (member of Casinos)
Lou Anda (member […]

08/31/2013 Nick Cave Tribute Show

[ Saturday August 31; ; ] Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds 30 Year Anniversary Tribute Show…Featuring…Rachel Birke (member of Heller Keller)
Dalmacio von Diamond (member of Persona)
Gabe Hart (member of Jail Weddings)
Voice on Tape
Paloma Parfrey (member of The Sharp Ease)
Douglas James Sweeney (member of Arjuna Genome)
Douglas Halbert
Plus the house band featuring members of Persona and RAM and Adrian “tall smooth cool […]