As a celebration of 19 years in downtown LA this month, we are proud to announce the online premiere of the Smell’s virtual reality tour as a free download!
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Experience the downtown all ages club in this groundbreaking 360 degree video, with performances by Alpha MC + VerBS, David Scott Stone, Celebrity Crush, Clit Kat, and No Age. The tour takes us through the legendary LA venue, creating an environmental snapshot of a scene, its artists, and the music at the center of it all.

Directed by Smell alumni Gil Kenan (Monster House, Poltergeist) and Vice Cooler (Feist/ Mastodon’s html5 video and Deerhoof’s “Exit Only” with Michael Shannon) in collaboration with Butcher Bird Studios, this video was made by generations of the venues volunteers with the intent of capturing and preserving the venue as it truly is - direct, raw and inspiring. Additionally this piece was shot with a custom 360 video camera rig, built from Lumix GH4s.

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